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Accountant at Work

Accounting Supervisor

Job Description

The Accounting Supervisor reporting to the Finanace Director will participate in the various tasks relating to the keeping of the accounts of
our client

JD - Accounting Supervisor 09.22: Careers

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Process supplier invoices in compliance with the regulations and procedures in place;

  • Ensure that supplier invoices are dealt with in a timely manner;

  • Manage the archiving of data and accounting records in accordance with the requisite policies;

  • Assist the Chief Accountant in controlling the activities of the purchasing cycle

  • Assist the Chief Accountant in the preparation of statutory tax

  • Assist the Controlling Manager in maintaining and updating the inventory of fixed assets;

  • Participate in month end closures in accordance with the agreed

  • Participate in the preparation of reports.

  • Ensure compliance with procedures and instructions related to safety and environmental aspects related to the activities of the position.

  • Perform all other allied tasks and functions assigned by the Head
    of Department.

Skills and Competencies

  • Proactive, a team worker with strong interpersonal skills

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Integrity and good work ethic

  • Thorough knowledge of accounting principles and procedures

  • Proficiency in accounting software

Education and Experience

  • Finance/Accounting Degree from a recognized university

  • 5+ years of experience Accounting experience

  • Working knowledge of accounting software preferrably SAP

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