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Job Type: Full time

Location: Accra

Industry: Manufacturing Cement

We are currently seeking to hire an experienced HEAD OF METHODS for our client who is a global, multi-industry leader in the manufacturing and sale of high-performance cement that complies with local standards which is for residential, commercial and industrial purpose. 

Ensure that costs associated with mechanical systems are optimized through proper planning, preparation and possibly supervision of preparatory and curative work.


  • Respects and enforces the Organization's Code of Conduct and the various management procedures.

  • Respects and enforces Organization's safety, health and environmental policy.

  • Respects and enforces all procedures related to your process.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Maintenance purchases:

  • Develop technical specifications for new acquisitions and services and participate in discussions with suppliers or service providers;

  • Give technical input to validate the prices negotiated by Procurement department.

  • Avoid stock depletion by managing the purchase requisition on time.

  • Investment & new works:

  • Participate in the preparation and supervision of new projects;

  • Assist mechanical supervisors in strategic interventions and new projects.

  • Maintenance management:

  • Participate in the development of the mechanical maintenance budget;

  • Ensure the preparation of the schedules of preventive interventions and major work stoppages in coordination with the supervisors and technicians;

  • Establish procedures for preventive and curative interventions on mechanical installations;

  • Maintain the archiving of the files relating to the work of the major stops;

  • Maintain and update the documentation of the managed equipment;

  • Ensure archiving of documents relating to the management system: action plans, work orders, annual shut down planning's;

  • Propose the improvements to be made to the installations or the operating modes.

  • Team management:

  • Assure the supervision and training of the maintenance team;

  • Validate the team's score at the system level.

  • Security and Environment:

  • Communicate anomalies relating to safety and environment to the hierarchy;

  • Respect waste management rules.

  • Perform all other allied tasks and functions assigned by the Head of Department.


  • Bac +5 years, Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar role.

  • You should be Interactive with efficiency, Planning and Organizational skills

  • Cements and concrete industry knowledge

  • IT tools

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