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Job Description

JD - IT Infrastructure and Network Engineer - 10-22: Careers

Role Purpose

  • The role is responsible for implementing, managing and maintaining processes for all network devices and platforms as well as all IT infrastructure utilized by our client to ensure compliance with requirements and applicable company policies.

  • To provide technical guidance, governance and oversight for the implementation and maintenance of IT systems, projects and managing all IT related changes with our client, with a core focus on end user system functionality to ensure accessibility, reliability and compliance.

  • Responsible for the overall security and protection of our client's network and systems, including instruments that are at customer sites that may be linked to our devices and equipment via the network.

Reports to: Head - Human Resource

Key Responsibilities

  • Maintaining our client’s networks including mainframes, VPNs, routers and other physical hardware

  • Installing and configuring network equipment &

  • Maintain connectivity for users in the organization

  • Creating firewalls and updating virus protection software and data security systems to keep data and communications protected

  • Monitoring computer systems to improve network performance for all systems

  • Troubleshooting, resolving, and communicating networking issues to other employees and management

  • Implementing disaster recovery procedures 

  • Maintaining current knowledge and understanding of cyber security and networking best practices to offer the best solutions and protection to our client

  • Responsible for all Network & Systems Administration

  • Contribute towards the implementation & maintenance of applications and SharePoint solutions

  • Implement solutions using SharePoint & Microsoft 365

  • Manage the migration of applications, on site user files and documents to a cloud based & SharePoint / TEAMS platforms

  • Ensure system security and integrity and attend to all bug fixes

  • Manage file security and permissions.

  • Maintain and manage 3rd party application access and functionality

  • Increase operational efficiency and suggest solutions to enhance cost effectiveness

  • Develop appropriate strategic plans for the network architecture by executing plans and all changes required to optimize business network in collaboration with EMEA IT

  • Implement network changes during defined slots and at appropriate times by executing all changes in alignment with EMEA IT requirements & guidelines

  • Ensure all network testing and analysis of network facilities are executed and findings used to increase efficiencies in the business

  • Implementation of necessary control systems’ security and network equipment architecture and configurations

  • Timeous application of software & or firmware updates on network & security equipment

  • Communication with SEU IT for creation & management of centrally located user accounts and related access profiles for network access and for IT equipment access

  • Collaborate with relevant departments on project activities on maintenance of company Asset Management tool

  • Ensure creation, updating and training of staff on relevant IT & Security SOPs for SSA

  • Responsible for ensuring that the SSA premises security infrastructure (CCTV network & tools) is fully functional & connected at all times

  • Ensuring new user IT onboarding & connectivity as well as ensuring that all Sysmex IT equipment / tools are retrieved and logged when offboarding employees.

  • Ensuring training/information is shared with colleagues to mage good use of IT devices.

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Relevant Diploma / Degree / Certificate in Information Technology / Information Systems/ Computer Science or related qualification

  • Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

  • Proficiency in SharePoint / Teams

  • Web applications & other related applications

  • Platforms / Systems design & engineering & or implementation

  • Advanced Network & Desktop skills

  • Comprehensive understanding of network services and networks in general

  • In-depth understanding and  practical knowledge of networking systems such as LAN, firewalls, routers and printers

  • Ability to analyze and evaluate networks, identify issues and provide solutions to ensure networks are operating efficiently

  • Ability to implement, monitor and troubleshoot all connectivity  (Wi-FI / VPN etc) and IT security infrastructure changes

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