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Information Technology

System Network Administrator

Net 8,500 - 12,000 cedis

Reporting to the Head of IT the position, the System and Network Administrator will oversee and support the day-to-day operation of computer systems and networks throughout the organization, ensuring reliable performance and data integrity in local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and organization intranets. And perform direct user support, particularly during upgrades and migrations.

JD - System Network Administrator 09.22: Careers

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Configure and Install Networks and Operating Systems

Setting up, configuring, and deploying networks and operating systems
Determine the organization’s data storage and transmission needs and makes key decisions regarding network setup and capacity
Install operating systems and programs on user hardware.

  • Provide User Technical Support

Provides direct support to end users, particularly during system setup and
installation, as well as during network changes.
Helps users install software and ensuring that it works with their workspace
Troubleshoots connection or performance issues,
Resolves help desk queries.

  • Monitor System Performance

The system network administrator routinely monitors system performance to ensure
Reviews error logs, conducting regular tests of system speed and reliability, and following up on issues reported by users.
Conducts routine system audits to assess security and stability, changing
configuration to resolve issues or improve reliability.

  • Conduct Data Backups

Customizes the data back-up to the various target (local, headquarters, tapes) according to the planned schedule, or on request
Examines the data and performs tests to make sure that it’s intact and correct.
Monitors the backups jobs and guaranties they run properly

  • Enhance Server and System Performance

Develops strategies to enhance server, system, and network performance. Ensure that systems updates published by the software and system providers
are applied

Systems and Network Skills

  •  Systems skills and knowledge:

Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019
Active Directory
VEEAM V11 Back-up

  • Network skills and Knowledge

Firewalling and VPN : FORTINET
Wireless private networks : PROXIM, UBIQUITY or equivalent
Optical Fiber, network wiring
Monitoring tools like Eyes On the Network

  • Information security – a firm grasp of best practices and procedures
    to ensure that organization data is protected from intrusion or corruption

  • Database design

MS SQL Server

  •  Infrastructure skills and knowledge

Electrical protection notions (inverters, stabilizer, power generator,
earth connection)

Education and Training

  • Master’s degree in computer or information science

  • 6 years of IT professional experience

  • IT certifications will be a plus

  • Knowledge of the French language is an advantage

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